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Use network Printer connected to a 32bit (windows xp?) with a 64bit OS

Usually this happens when you try to connect from a 64 bit OS.
If you also have problems with the drivers just install them before adding the share as a *port*.

The solution and all the same content can be found here

Error 0X0000000d with network printer installation

printer installation
Solution with Windows Vista:

Run a command prompt and type the following: net use LPT2: \\servername\printer
This sets up a behind-the-scenes connection to the printer.
Go through the add printer wizard, choose to add a local printer, and choose port LPT2.

Solution with Windows 7:

Go to start and type in "cmd" in the search box.
Right click on cmd and select “Run as Administrator”.
Type this command net use LPT# \\server\printer /persistent:yes (Substitute #, server, printer as appropriate for your network.)
Add your printer locally using the LPT# port. If your laptop has no parallel cable then use LPT1.

*Hack* google blogspot blogs via XSS

Google Blogspot, after the new look, is suffering of a bunch of strange XSSs.
I've found them without doing anything .... just by publishing my old XSSs.

The problem is in several part where you open the preview of the Themes (including the new one for the mobile).

After doing a faster test I've noticed that it works also in the comments area, so, you can try to send a stored XSS and move the blogadmin like a puppet in the various functionalities.

I've changed for *myself*  the layout, via XSS, without problems. Quite funny and ... problematic. (I'm not opening the comments for now ... and it's not a problem since they are just a few of them xD).

I will not add more informations but it's so SIMPLE that you just need to copy/paste one of my latest posts, as is.

I'm so lucky ... sometimes ... even if in an useless way.

Simple XSS

Simple XSS in the forms


------">{XSS here}<";sort=U2;search=%3dubicazione%3ab0ee;hits=1

Torrent trackers list

Torrents trackers list  (lot of them are dead - the list must be cleaned)

http://13nuhvixat4hsa7f.tracker.tor… - asp, XSS, Sql Injection, site access


SQL Injection (admin access)

Data tampering and manipulation is possible on the cookies.