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Showing posts from February, 2014 - read local files from remote

published since they have changed the website and the problems have gone.

Possible remote denial of service (server does'nt respond after several requests) or automatic ban from the webserver (???).
Possibility to read data logs.
Possibility to read local files on the server except aspx and probably similar files.

sample page (old not working anymore but cached by the search engines)

Sometimes, random errors are showing up with the same data. I don't know the cause.
Error num [14]: The process cannot access the file "D:\Logs\MFA2003_19_11_2012.log" because it is being used by another process. (ChannelName=|/Channels/MFA/HPChannel|)

List of CCFL Lamps and Codes for LCD Screens

I've create a small list of the most common CCFL Lamps for LCD Screens.
You can download it from google drive and it's in libreoffice/openoffice (ods) format

Please, add more informations and compatibilities with specific screen models or inverters.
I'm working also on a list of inverters and relative compatibilities but it's quite big.