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recover contacts from the hidden Backup Folder of the Windows Phones - recover contacts from damaged phones

Recover from backup Windows Phone 7
 Recover from backup Windows Phone 8

From what I've seen, sometimes, there are (hidden) "Backup" (the name is backup) folders on the SD of the windows Phones. It could happen when you do an update of the system (that's what I've read in a forum).

Inside the folder there's a file with "arc" extension and it could be opened with NbuExplorer with dbshell.

nbuexplorer -
dbshell -

extract the nbuexplorer and then extract dbshell (inside the nbuexplorer's folder).

The contacts and messages, as other stuff, will be available

How to backup Phone Contacts on sd from Windows Phone

Windows Phone backup on SD
contacts backup - amaze software

Select the various options
Include contact Photos and backup contacts from (the account configured).

Click on the first icon to retrieve the contacts (I don't know if it's mandatory) and click on the last icon to save on the SD.

There is also another nice feature with the download option it opens a webserver from the phone and you can collect the data via browser.

Pretty nice app.

install 7zip with all the file associations

I've found an MST file that is working better

Thanks to adrian k too.

MSIEXEC.EXE /I 7z920.msi TRANSFORMS=7-Zip_Customizations.mst /norestart /qb!

I've wasted a bit of time trying to do something as clean as possible to add auomatically, silent mode, the file associations with 7zip.

Thanks to  Oleg L. ( ) on sourceforge

Download the original file

command line

Libreoffice silent installation

Libreoffice silent installation
Libreoffice 4 silent installation
Libreoffice 3 silent installation
Libreoffice unattended installation
Libreoffice 3 unattended installation
Libreoffice 4 unattended installation

fastest version that should work and it's silent

msiexec /qb /i "libreoffice.msi" /quiet /norestart UI_LANGS=it_IT Reboot=No REGISTER_ALL_MSO_TYPES=1

anything below is old and not really working good.
This is an old version but never worked well for me after 3.x.
msiexec /qb! /i PATHTO\LibreOffice_xxx.msi ALLUSERS=1 CREATEDESKTOPLINK=0 IS1033=0 IS1078=0 IS1025=0 IS1101=0 IS1610=0 IS1059=0 IS1026=0 IS2117=0 IS2121=0 IS1150=0 IS1603=0 IS5146=0 IS1027=0 IS32771=0 IS1029=0 IS1106=0 IS1030=0 IS1031=0 IS1604=0 IS2129=0 IS1032=0 IS2057=1 IS7177=0 IS1553=0 IS1034=0 IS1061=0 IS1069=0 IS1065=0 IS1035=0 IS1036=0 IS2108=0 IS1084=0 IS1110=0 IS1095=0 IS1037=0 IS1081=0 IS1050=0 IS1038=0 IS1057=0 IS1039=0 IS1040=0 IS1041=0…

Skype full setup and silent installation.

Skype full setup and silent installation.

You can download the full skype setup from this url

A part of (one of my) a nsis script is following with extra informations in the comments:

; ALLUSERS=1 - install for all the windows users
; /NOIE - No Internet Explorer plugin
; /NOGOOGLE - No Google toolbar
; /verysilent - No installation interface
; /NORESTART - No restart
; /SP-
; /NOCANCEL cannot interrupt
;  /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES - avoid message boxes
; /NOLAUNCH' - doesn't start skype after installation

 ;removing run at windows startup
 RegDelete("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run", "Skype");