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Microgame casino people's tv calendario - info disclosure, XSS, flashvars xss

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Adobe reader X (10) crash. Adobe reader suddenly closes itself.

Adobe reder X (10) crash.
When adobe reader 10 suddenly closes itself try these solutions:

- run adobe reader 10 without calling any kind of documents (ex. c:\program files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe
- Set the AcroRd32.exe to run in compatibility mode (windows 2000)

The eula should appear and click on yes/accept.

The problem appears expecially if you are updating (same m. version) or after installing over a different version. In some cases the problem have appeared after disabling/enabling the plugin in firefox ... but it could be a coincidence.

An easy solution for a boring problem with the damn Adobe Acrobat Reader X.
I personally prefer to use Sumatra (an alternative pdf reader) but sometimes it lacks of the new functionalities of the Adobe Acrobat Reader and the pages cannot be viewed correctly (ex. in pre-compiled forms the previously inputted content cannot be displayed).