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Opencart - create a php array of the countries IDs

A fast (not elegant) way to get an array of the countries iso codes and country ID from opencart. I just needed them to compare the data with an external source.
Just put the file in the Opencart folder (ex. arrayp.php).
I know that it's crap ...




    $dbconn = mysqli_connect(DB_HOSTNAME,DB_USERNAME,DB_PASSWORD) or die("Cannot connect to the database");
    mysqli_select_db($dbconn, DB_DATABASE) or die($dbconn->error());
    $sql_q = "SELECT CONCAT( '\'', `iso_code_2`, '\' => \'',`country_id`, '\', ' ) as arrcodes FROM `" . DB_PREFIX . "country`;";
    $result = mysqli_query($dbconn, $sql_q);
    if( !$result){ die($dbconn->error); }
    echo '$mycountries = array(' . "\r\n";
    // $queryResult = array();
    while($mres = $result->fetch_object()){
            echo "\t" . $mres->arrcodes . "\r\n";
    echo ");";
    // echo 'Done';



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